New game: Air Pressure

Air Pressure is a visual novel game that I’ve been working on on-and-off for a while. It has only three different endings, but a lot of branches!

Creating Air Pressure sounds like a fascinating and intricate endeavor! The beauty of visual novels lies in the depth of storytelling and the myriad of choices players can make, leading to different outcomes. To enhance the gaming experience for your players, consider surprising them with Custom gaming mouse pads featuring captivating artwork from the game.

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I hope you enjoy it. It is quite a serious game, I guess. :)

Download for Windows (8Mb)
Download for Mac (11Mb)
Download for Linux (8Mb)

Edit: For the benefit of people coming here via ByteJacker, there is a Flash version here :) (Ported by raitendo)

26 Responses to “New game: Air Pressure”

  • this is so brilliant. is there anyway to get my hands on the audio file? it’s incredible.

  • I’d like to point out that you can be addicted to coffee; caffeine, to clarify. Seriously.

  • *spoilers*
    Um. I thought the metaphor was rather clear, but maybe my background helped a bit with that. Although the metaphor holds okay-ish for any sort of addiction, it fits self-injury best; cutting to be exact. (Especially because after she wraps herself around his left arm [since most people are right-handed] in his teenage years [when a lot of people start cutting], he winds up in the hospital and “hasn’t hit any nerves or arteries.” Also when he feels “nervous excitement” he can barely stop his hands shaking–when some people are fighting the urge to cut their hands can shake horribly. I’ve seen it so many times….)

    To the general population, I guess cutting doesn’t necessarily come across as an “addiction”, maybe because of the people who do it to fit in with a certain stereotype. However there /are/ people who use it not to fit a stereotype, but because it’s a relief for them, like a drug; a coping mechanism, and a /very/ addictive one (not least because it releases all sorts of feel-good and pain-killing chemicals in the brain, but there are psychological reasons too).

    Thank you so much for this game. My boyfriend introduced me to it; he and I both have been struggling to break the cutting addiction for months now, and it doesn’t always look like it’s going so well. I’m glad there’s something out there that captures a self-injurer’s or addict’s thoughts and emotions AND is well-made. Whoever you are, you’re wonderful. ^_^

  • I really enjoyed this game! I was listening to the music after playing it through a couple times and decided I wanted to make a remix:

    Hope you like it!

  • Lately I’ve been having trouble with a relationship and that has made this game so much more meaningful because of it.

  • I just discovered this website a few minutes ago but I wanted to say that your games are awesome. They´re so simple yet so loveable. I like the cuteness and the music in your games, also tanaka´s adventure made me laugh. Can´t wait for your next game, I hope you make more games. Keep up the good work!

  • This is amazing. Very meaningful. It kinda saddens me that it might be hard for others to truly understand the meaning if they just play through once then call it stupid and leave. I think (if you can) you should make this an app. It would definitely be neat to have this on an iPod Touch! I would even pay money for it. It truly is a work of art!

  • Great game!
    I really, really liked the atmosphere.


    At first I thought she was an imaginary girlfriend, triggering all those flags.
    But the hospital ending made it fairly obvious.
    No wonder why that ending is so hard to get. No real point to continue playing afterwards cause now everything is said and done.

  • Hi let me start off with I love Air Pressure. It really moved me and intrigued me, and I played it over and over. The writing is so poignant and I loved every detail of the different branches and the way it was set up. The music and design as well. I would be honoured and very happy if you would allow me to adapt this into a short film for my school’s film festival it’s only a small high school thing and I have my heart set on doing this game. If you would email me I can give you all the details and make sure everything is set so I in no way steal your work I love it much too much to do that. The last thing I want to do is plagiarize. Please contact me and even if it doesn’t work out I am so happy to have found your game :)

  • This game is great, I cheer for you. One of these dark, but still hopefull and deep artgames. Brilliant, just like Coma and ImorTall….it’s great, that this is downloadable. Thanks, man :)

  • What’s bothering me is that the first time I played it I’ve always tried to choose the answers that make her stay for I thought the game was about love and independence. But now that I heard that many people say, it’s about heroine addiction I just happened to realise that there is no big difference: He wants to keep his love/heroine….he’s addicted to it. He isn’t sure whether he needs to be independent. He feels good at the moments he has it, but he is kinda unsure if he did the wrong thing….So basically one could say the game made me realise Love can be a kind of addiction as bad as heroine…Therefore please answer my request bento….I just want to know if the game is really about heroine, since the girl keeps flashing, he talks about stucking to his left arm and so on, it’d make me a little sad if it was about heroine, but still please tell me the truth….Anyway you made some great artwork, and a very deep game.
    Thank You.

  • I drew a picture for your game!
    I loved it even though it was very sad. The deep meaning has stuck with me. Thank you for sharing this game with everyone!

  • Omg I get it
    It’s like he’s addicted to heroine, when he was introduced to it, he stuck to it forever. I just got to the end of the game where he’s at the hospital and it all makes sense! I’m thinking that the girl is kind of like a imaginary person, but you can imagine her as the heroine, and he wants to become independent from it, or he can keep doing it.

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