Air Pressure, Flash version.

There is now a Flash port of Air Pressure available to play. Courtesy of Mr. Raitendo (Marcus Richert)

Thanks! :D Now even people who don’t like downloading things can play. Hoorah!!!

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  • Oh yeah, Marcus is just that – mister. He’s not lovely. XD

    Anyways, good to see it ported. (:

  • You are just jealous ‘cos I cheated on you with another Flash dev. XD IT’S OK!!! I still love yoooou! XD

  • If only games were ported more often. I love your games, hate downloading… D: Tragic.

  • Hey bentosmile. I played the flash port of Air Pressure over at Newgrounds, and I just wanted to say I enjoyed it thoroughly. :)

    I was also curious about the music, is there any place I can obtain a copy of the song? I rather enjoy it.

  • Air Pressure is great! and i guess its good that its ported so its easier for more people to play the game.

    I myself dislike flashgames in browsers, i want a real game that you download, good fullscreen/save state and joystick support. And the most important part, i have the game saved on my computer and i can save it there for years! A flash game can disappear from a server, this is why i don’t like flash games. Im glad that i can download your games :)

  • Air Pressure is very interesting

  • I don’t understand the hospital one… do they have kids or get surgically put into the same mind(very crazy.) or other? if other then reply. if not other than still reply.

  • I am pretty sure that she is not a real person but the way he represent drug abuse, the hospital ending is him after he almost have an overdose, the mention of artery is because he injects the drugs in his left arm, and the pressure in his head is not being able to focus because he is always altering his mind, trying to keep happy and not think about his problems.

    I empathize with this a lot, i feel that i use videogames and youtube videos in the exact same manner, i wont suffer from an overdose but i will still suffer if i don’t fight my problems head on. But that is just my interpretation anyway.

    i know that i am more than half a decade late, but great game, it really affected my life in a positive way!

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