Air Pressure, Flash version.

There is now a Flash port of Air Pressure available to play. Courtesy of Mr. Raitendo (Marcus Richert)

Thanks! :D Now even people who don’t like downloading things can play. Hoorah!!!

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  • Oh yeah, Marcus is just that – mister. He’s not lovely. XD

    Anyways, good to see it ported. (:

  • You are just jealous ‘cos I cheated on you with another Flash dev. XD IT’S OK!!! I still love yoooou! XD

  • If only games were ported more often. I love your games, hate downloading… D: Tragic.

  • Hey bentosmile. I played the flash port of Air Pressure over at Newgrounds, and I just wanted to say I enjoyed it thoroughly. :)

    I was also curious about the music, is there any place I can obtain a copy of the song? I rather enjoy it.

  • Air Pressure is great! and i guess its good that its ported so its easier for more people to play the game.

    I myself dislike flashgames in browsers, i want a real game that you download, good fullscreen/save state and joystick support. And the most important part, i have the game saved on my computer and i can save it there for years! A flash game can disappear from a server, this is why i don’t like flash games. Im glad that i can download your games :)

  • Air Pressure is very interesting

  • I don’t understand the hospital one… do they have kids or get surgically put into the same mind(very crazy.) or other? if other then reply. if not other than still reply.

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