The Life Of A Pacifist Is Often Fraught With Conflict

New game about games. Another short visual novel. :)

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  • Play this is somehow… eerily familiar…

  • Deja vu…

  • Thanks for your work! I really enjoyed it. Best wishes ;)

  • Aaaaaaarrrrgggghhh!

    I think I’m reaching the point of institutionalisation suggested by the ‘non-pacifist branch (suggested to me anyway, not sure if it was your intention).

    I get the feeling the issue isn’t so much the violence per se, but the bland mediocrity of designing to the mantra ‘like X but better’, or even simply ‘like X’ (an even scarier prospect – and one that’s all too familiar).

    The amount of top level decisions I’ve personally witnessed within the industry, which are fueled by rationalisations such as ‘but that would lose us 5% on metacritic – game X lost 5% for something similar, so let’s do what game X Part II did when they fixed that’ – it boggles the mind, and makes me think that for every release of genuine quality out there, there must have just been enough monkeys at enough typewriters, or a very renegade and inspirational lead.

    Surely there’s another way? Although I’d personally love to throw in the towel and float happily in an indie bubble, or at least walk out and remain unemployed until I found somewhere that was at least in some way striving for something better… I have a family to support, and am trapped in having to suck up this kind of bullshit on a daily basis.

    Thanks for letting the world know what it’s really like!

  • Another quick thought – the violence is also clearly important – but I guess you’re touching on two issues with the dialogue – I guess I just latched onto the design process as that’s my field.

    It is remarkable how desensitised we are to this sort of thing… I guess I hadn’t even considered it. Violence can be an incredible tool for telling a story, and in a suitable context can add weight (Silent Hill 2) – but all too often these days game design (and movie scripts) are driven by the downward spiral of ‘let’s see how fucked up and depraved we can really be’. If it’s clearly played for black comedy it can be ok, but there’s an extremely fine line there. Especially with modern graphic capabilities promising to deliver ‘tooth extraction by pliers’ in ways not yet seen!

  • OMG! You really captured my work environment. Some people are too interested in making a game for them selfs, instead for there audience.

  • I’ve worked on a few projects like this, nicely captured!
    I really love the characters, and the grittifying effect. That seems particularly appropriate.

    Also, I’m pretty sure I working on the exact project they’re talking about in the kitchen!

  • “I working” => “I worked”… stupid spelling

  • A work budy send me this after I’ve said to my bosses that I’m looking for a job for how the company works.

    I just have to say a big THANKS.

    And hope you can live happy of what you love, as I hope for myself too.


  • Hey, anyone know how many endings there are? I got 3 so far.

  • Thanks so much for the game. I wish I knew how to get the other 2 endings though.

  • I really liked the little differences on sprites when you make different choices.

  • Hey, anyone know how many endings there are?

  • Wow! It is amazing how the same text gave me a different vibe according to wether the characters were smiling or were creepy. It was really well done.

  • 以前の金額からしたら、ワキ脱毛もやってもらいやすくなりました。その理由は、ワキ脱毛を脱毛の第一段階的な位置づけとし、手始めに格安で体験してもらおうと思っているからです。

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