Monthly Archive for June, 2010

Maverick Minibus!

Download, Windows only. VMU style demake of Maverick Bus XD (thanks Terry!)


Bit of a pointless post… if anyone wants my template for VMU games, it’s here:

It has a gap in the screen area for a 4x resolution VMU game (so, 48×32 becomes 192×128). The image itself is 360×540. Hue/Sat adjust it for exciting new colours! XD

TIGJam The Game!

Download, Windows only. A game about making games! (You have to hammer Z+X to make a game before your confidence drops and you give up.)

Important Matter

Download, Windows only. A game about matter which is important, made on the theme of white holes. Press X or Z. (It’s not really a game) :)

Flash port: The Life Of A Pacifist Is Often Fraught With Conflict

Yay! There is now a Flash port of “…Pacifist…” available, courtesy of Marcus Richert (Raitendo). You can play it here on Newgrounds. Cheers! :)

TIGJam UK 3 – Fish!

On the theme of fish… and summer heat. :)

Download – Win, Mac, Linux.

(SPOILER!!! Inspired a bit by Neko Jiru)

TIGJam UK 3!

This! Today! Yes! :)