New game: Air Pressure

Air Pressure is a visual novel game that I’ve been working on on-and-off for a while. It has only three different endings, but a lot of branches!

Creating Air Pressure sounds like a fascinating and intricate endeavor! The beauty of visual novels lies in the depth of storytelling and the myriad of choices players can make, leading to different outcomes. To enhance the gaming experience for your players, consider surprising them with Custom gaming mouse pads featuring captivating artwork from the game.

These gaming mouse pads not only add a touch of personalization to their gaming setups but also serve as a unique reminder of the immersive world you’ve crafted. As players navigate through the complex branches and endings of Air Pressure, the comfort and aesthetics of these mouse pads can elevate their gaming sessions, making their journey through the game even more enjoyable. It’s the kind of thoughtful touch that can truly enhance their connection with the narrative you’ve meticulously developed.

I hope you enjoy it. It is quite a serious game, I guess. :)

Download for Windows (8Mb)
Download for Mac (11Mb)
Download for Linux (8Mb)

Edit: For the benefit of people coming here via ByteJacker, there is a Flash version here :) (Ported by raitendo)

More Pirate Kart 2!

I made some more Pirate Kart 2 games. :D

Download Girls Are Weird. Win, 3Mb.
Or… download Mac version! 6Mb.

Download Press X Not To Pry. Win only, 1Mb, not safe for anyone!

Download Pirate Kitty 2. Win only, 3Mb.

Thank you. <3 A real game is coming soon! Actually, while we're at it, much love to the original Press X games made by MrPiglet, and also the unauthorised Suicide… sequel made my Stephen Lavelle <3

Yarrrr, Pirate Kart 2!

Suicide Is NOT The Answer!

Download for Win. Made in Construct. 3.5Mb.

This was made for Pirate Kart 2. If you’re reading this, and you wanna get in on that, there’s still time! So much time! (I mean, you’ve only gotta spend two hours on it. That’s nothing!)

Final TIGJam game!

I helped Mr. Jasper with a cute and awesome game, This Is How Bees Work. (That takes you to his post about it, where you can download it.) Control a little cloud to grow flowers and make happy bees! Everyone loves bees, don’t they?

Jasper did most of the work. Well done Jasper! I only helped a little with animation (plants really.) :3 It’s a super-cute game! Please tell Jasper if you like it too!

TIGJamUK, more games

I’m Not A Bad Person Really, I Just Have Low Self-Esteem. Made in Construct. Took a whole day pretty much. Was the main game I made over the weekend. :) (Warning: pretty horrible language.)

Stupid. Also made in Construct. Impossible to win. Simulation.

Don’t know what was up with my choice of subjects this weekend. XD Oh well. Will be back to working on proper games soon!

TIGJam! One game down…

Currently at TIGJam. So I present Kitten Hunter Super 3! (Made for a 1 hour challenge, so it’s a lot shonky. Find 16 kittens to win. Used a ColourLovers palette to make it more fun.)


First, here is an interview with me on TIGSource. Thanks Mr. Alex/Fuzz!

Second, I’ve updated! This site is now just a little bit more shiny. (Me and WordPress, we had a falling out once, but I decided to give it another go.)

I made some terrible tiny games. Japanophilia and Anyone Can Ride A Fucking Dog. Both were made just for a laugh in only four hours. Japanophilia is a tiny bit NSFW (it’s not graphic, but you might feel a twinge of shame.)

I promise to make a real game soon! I have something sitting waiting for music, which I’ll put up asap!

Ludum Dare 15 – Miner Distraction

I entered Ludum Dare!

The theme was caverns. I made a tiny platformer called Miner Distraction. It looks like this:

The download for it is here. (Windows only, 6mb, was made in Construct so you need you DirectX up to date). Or! There is a quickplay version on Game Jolt here.

For those who do not know about Ludum Dare, it’s a contest in which you have to make a game from scratch in 48 hours. As such, there’s only so much you can do! This game could likely do with a couple of more days of development, as I would have liked to implement dialogue and some sound. But I was trying out Construct for the first time, and fumbled with it a bit, which ate up a bit of time. It was fun to make though, and interesting to design a level quickly and quite organically in Photoshop rather than a tile editor. ^o^ Mostly, I’m happy with the amount I got done in such a short amount of time, even though it’s not perfect. I might clean it up a bit later, but for now, it’s fine.

More Tanaka!

Tanaka’s Friendly Adventure is available on kongregate! Port courtesy of the lovely Miroslav Malesevic. Yay, I am glad that everyone can play it now, not just people on Windows. ^o^ Nice work, mirosurabu!

Also, check out this livejournal post of awesome! So much love!!!

Finally, I made a twitter account.

Talking about Tanaka

Hooray, some people have been posting about Tanaka:

Auntie Pixelante

Ah, it makes me so happy! Truly, gives me the warm fluffy feelings. :D

But other than that, a couple of people made fanart…

Awesome Rubik’s cube Tanaka by Lemming
Lovely Paulo fanart by Dr. Salt

Fanart is true love! :D

Also, I found this little Flash app that someone made after playing Tanaka.

Oh no!

Meep, I innocently released a game without making a website. Apologies if anyone stumbles across this tiny page! For now:

This is Tanaka’s friendly adventure! You can download it here. Windows only, sorry! It’s about 3mb in smallness. The goal is to find friends to go to your party.


Today I painted the eye on my daruma.

I bought this daruma a few years ago, but never had any projects which I thought were worthwhile painting the eye for. Mostly as I already have pretty good motivation for other things, and also because I’ve already started a lot of my other non-game projects. So it felt a little lame to use my daruma for those.

Maybe one day I can paint in the other eye. :)