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Many minigames!

Ah, I did it again! I forgot to update. Eep!

Here’s what I’ve made over the past few months. If you’re paying attention to twitter, you probably already played them all. But if you missed anything, well, here it is!

First up is Quest, a small jam game made super quickly. I mostly wanted to play around with low res faux-Spectrum look (it’s not accurate to it, as I was just having fun).

Next, my entry for Ludum Dare 20, >Start >Fight >Run. I didn’t get to polish it as much as I would have liked, as I didn’t have enough focus this time. Oh well. :)

Also, I made a silly but slightly offensive game about the Rapture. Save Them All! (Except Those Guys, They Don’t Deserve It)

Finally, I started learing AS3. I haven’t got very far yet, but I did make a port of one of my old jam games, Trap. (The original was made in less than an hour, so it’s a little throw-away. But as a test of getting stuff on a screen and working, it did its job. :3 ) Hope to have something more impressive soon-ish :D

Flash port: The Life Of A Pacifist Is Often Fraught With Conflict

Yay! There is now a Flash port of “…Pacifist…” available, courtesy of Marcus Richert (Raitendo). You can play it here on Newgrounds. Cheers! :)

Suicide Is NOT The Answer port

Here is something fun! Miroslav did a quick port of one of the Pirate Kart 2 games I did. Hoorah! (Way to choose the one which is the exact opposite of my last game, huh? XD )

Thank you to people who commented on Air Pressure, by the way, both here and on Newgrounds. :3

Air Pressure, Flash version.

There is now a Flash port of Air Pressure available to play. Courtesy of Mr. Raitendo (Marcus Richert)

Thanks! :D Now even people who don’t like downloading things can play. Hoorah!!!