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Many minigames!

Ah, I did it again! I forgot to update. Eep!

Here’s what I’ve made over the past few months. If you’re paying attention to twitter, you probably already played them all. But if you missed anything, well, here it is!

First up is Quest, a small jam game made super quickly. I mostly wanted to play around with low res faux-Spectrum look (it’s not accurate to it, as I was just having fun).

Next, my entry for Ludum Dare 20, >Start >Fight >Run. I didn’t get to polish it as much as I would have liked, as I didn’t have enough focus this time. Oh well. :)

Also, I made a silly but slightly offensive game about the Rapture. Save Them All! (Except Those Guys, They Don’t Deserve It)

Finally, I started learing AS3. I haven’t got very far yet, but I did make a port of one of my old jam games, Trap. (The original was made in less than an hour, so it’s a little throw-away. But as a test of getting stuff on a screen and working, it did its job. :3 ) Hope to have something more impressive soon-ish :D

It’s been too long!

I don’t know why, I got kind of distracted…

I made a bunch of games, but never got around to updating properly. Chances are if you read twitter you’ve seen all of these already, so this is just a quick post to round up all the games I’ve made since last June, but neglected to mention!

Cumulate Nimble
Enemy of the Solid State
Unko’s Adventure in Magical Land
Bonbon’s Voyage
Happy Kitty Eats Christmas

Hope to have more games soon ^o^

Maverick Minibus!

Download, Windows only. VMU style demake of Maverick Bus XD (thanks Terry!)


Bit of a pointless post… if anyone wants my template for VMU games, it’s here:

It has a gap in the screen area for a 4x resolution VMU game (so, 48×32 becomes 192×128). The image itself is 360×540. Hue/Sat adjust it for exciting new colours! XD

TIGJam The Game!

Download, Windows only. A game about making games! (You have to hammer Z+X to make a game before your confidence drops and you give up.)

Important Matter

Download, Windows only. A game about matter which is important, made on the theme of white holes. Press X or Z. (It’s not really a game) :)

TIGJam UK 3 – Fish!

On the theme of fish… and summer heat. :)

Download – Win, Mac, Linux.

(SPOILER!!! Inspired a bit by Neko Jiru)

TIGJam UK 3!

This! Today! Yes! :)

Round up of junky games

I made a bunch of games, but I’m only just getting around to posting them. (They’re all pretty small…)

First, a visual novel thing. I’m not too happy with this, but mostly because I got frustrated with it halfway through. Still, it has some interesting bits I suppose.

Ludum Dare was a couple of weeks ago! I made this. Then…

…I made this in the last couple of hours of the competition.

Ludum Dare was fun. I met up with Terry, Perrin, and a bunch of other guys in CB2 to all work on LD together (but alone, as those are the rules!) It was nice to work in a more social setting, as LD tends to be a lonely lonely experience. XD

Although, this kind of emphasised for me exactly how much I don’t care for the scoring afterwards. I think it took away the fun somewhat.

More Pirate Kart 2!

I made some more Pirate Kart 2 games. :D

Download Girls Are Weird. Win, 3Mb.
Or… download Mac version! 6Mb.

Download Press X Not To Pry. Win only, 1Mb, not safe for anyone!

Download Pirate Kitty 2. Win only, 3Mb.

Thank you. <3 A real game is coming soon! Actually, while we're at it, much love to the original Press X games made by MrPiglet, and also the unauthorised Suicide… sequel made my Stephen Lavelle <3

Yarrrr, Pirate Kart 2!

Suicide Is NOT The Answer!

Download for Win. Made in Construct. 3.5Mb.

This was made for Pirate Kart 2. If you’re reading this, and you wanna get in on that, there’s still time! So much time! (I mean, you’ve only gotta spend two hours on it. That’s nothing!)

Final TIGJam game!

I helped Mr. Jasper with a cute and awesome game, This Is How Bees Work. (That takes you to his post about it, where you can download it.) Control a little cloud to grow flowers and make happy bees! Everyone loves bees, don’t they?

Jasper did most of the work. Well done Jasper! I only helped a little with animation (plants really.) :3 It’s a super-cute game! Please tell Jasper if you like it too!

TIGJamUK, more games

I’m Not A Bad Person Really, I Just Have Low Self-Esteem. Made in Construct. Took a whole day pretty much. Was the main game I made over the weekend. :) (Warning: pretty horrible language.)

Stupid. Also made in Construct. Impossible to win. Simulation.

Don’t know what was up with my choice of subjects this weekend. XD Oh well. Will be back to working on proper games soon!

TIGJam! One game down…

Currently at TIGJam. So I present Kitten Hunter Super 3! (Made for a 1 hour challenge, so it’s a lot shonky. Find 16 kittens to win. Used a ColourLovers palette to make it more fun.)