Small updates

Made pages for all of my games now. :D And pretty listings on their category pages! Oooh! Now they will never get lost on this blog! :)

Also, I finally caved and put Duct up. I made this game back in December for Ludum Dare, and intended to finish it off by adding some music… but it’s coming around to time for the next one, and I didn’t get it done. So, it can go as it is. :) Here~

I liked playing with different shapes for all the maps in it. :) Although, I ran in to some horrible dialogue bugs which meant I had to hack it in there. (I came up with a better way of doing it since, so it’s fine.) It’s much more complex than my previous Ludum Dare entry, so I was reasonably pleased with it (aside from dialogue and music issues.)

Game was based on an article I read on the BBC, about how telling people nice things can make them more sad :D

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