Monthly Archive for January, 2010

Final TIGJam game!

I helped Mr. Jasper with a cute and awesome game, This Is How Bees Work. (That takes you to his post about it, where you can download it.) Control a little cloud to grow flowers and make happy bees! Everyone loves bees, don’t they?

Jasper did most of the work. Well done Jasper! I only helped a little with animation (plants really.) :3 It’s a super-cute game! Please tell Jasper if you like it too!

TIGJamUK, more games

I’m Not A Bad Person Really, I Just Have Low Self-Esteem. Made in Construct. Took a whole day pretty much. Was the main game I made over the weekend. :) (Warning: pretty horrible language.)

Stupid. Also made in Construct. Impossible to win. Simulation.

Don’t know what was up with my choice of subjects this weekend. XD Oh well. Will be back to working on proper games soon!

TIGJam! One game down…

Currently at TIGJam. So I present Kitten Hunter Super 3! (Made for a 1 hour challenge, so it’s a lot shonky. Find 16 kittens to win. Used a ColourLovers palette to make it more fun.)


First, here is an interview with me on TIGSource. Thanks Mr. Alex/Fuzz!

Second, I’ve updated! This site is now just a little bit more shiny. (Me and WordPress, we had a falling out once, but I decided to give it another go.)

I made some terrible tiny games. Japanophilia and Anyone Can Ride A Fucking Dog. Both were made just for a laugh in only four hours. Japanophilia is a tiny bit NSFW (it’s not graphic, but you might feel a twinge of shame.)

I promise to make a real game soon! I have something sitting waiting for music, which I’ll put up asap!