Monthly Archive for July, 2009

Talking about Tanaka

Hooray, some people have been posting about Tanaka:

Auntie Pixelante

Ah, it makes me so happy! Truly, gives me the warm fluffy feelings. :D

But other than that, a couple of people made fanart…

Awesome Rubik’s cube Tanaka by Lemming
Lovely Paulo fanart by Dr. Salt

Fanart is true love! :D

Also, I found this little Flash app that someone made after playing Tanaka.

Oh no!

Meep, I innocently released a game without making a website. Apologies if anyone stumbles across this tiny page! For now:

This is Tanaka’s friendly adventure! You can download it here. Windows only, sorry! It’s about 3mb in smallness. The goal is to find friends to go to your party.